Provider Partnerships

Elite Allergy Services provides allergy testing and immunotherapy services to medical professionals who treat patients suffering with seasonal and perennial allergies. Elite’s comprehensive in-office service includes staffing Allergy Technicians, skin testing and treating allergy patients under the supervision of the practicing physician.


Treat Your Allergy Patients In-House

Partnering with Elite Allergy Services allows you to treat patients with seasonal and perennial allergies without your patients ever having to leave your office. Our trained technicians will provide allergy testing to pinpoint the exact allergens effecting your patients, and develop a treatment plan. Through Elite and immunotherapy your patients will be able to enjoy the things they love to do with decreased to no symptoms from allergies. This is your solution to fix your patients symptoms instead of masking them with medications. This is a great opportunity for your patients to have all inclusive care with the provider they already know and trust- you.

Turn Key System

Elite Allergy Services provides a turn key solution to treating your patients with allergies. Our services includes a fully staffed and operational allergy clinic within your existing practice. This includes all medications and needed supplies for immunotherapy. Our Allergy Technicians follow protocol set by Elite Allergy Services that has been designed to meet the criteria set forth by the AAAAI (American Academy of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology) and the AAOA (American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy). Education for all providers and staff members is given. Elite provides assistance in allergy awareness and promotion of services within your clinic to help ensure a successful partnership. This turn key system allows you to provide a life changing service to your patients while capturing the benefits of an allergist.

Ancillary Revenue Stream

A partnership with Elite Allergy Services means a new revenue stream for your clinic without the time and upfront cost in providing this service to your patients. Instead of referring your patients to other healthcare providers, you can now keep your patients in house with the convenience of seeing you. This allows your clinic to benefit from the additional revenue seen from allergy testing and immunotherapy. Elite Allergy’s all inclusive program encompasses all the cost of starting up an allergy clinic within your practice. All Elite Allergy needs from you- is the chance to target your patient base, and capture the right patients who could benefit from our program.

Allergy Services under Primary Care, Urgent Care, Pediatrics, as well as Wellness Clinics have proven to show higher reimbursements with our services for allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment. Our all inclusive program takes care of creating the claims and billing the specialty of allergy in order to achieve maximum reimbursements from insurance carriers. Contact us today so Elite Allergy Services can show you the greatest quality of care and customer service with our hassle-free program!